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Flexible Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

EXPRESS WAREHOUSING provides effective ways to lower operational costs and make supply chains more efficient. We offer a variety of customizable warehousing and logistics services to accommodate the wide range of needs of manufacturers in South Carolina and throughout the country.

Inventory Control

We help our clients find out what specific items are still in stock and how many units of each are available. This makes it easier for them to keep track of their inventory and make important business decisions.

Transportation and Distribution

Wherever our customers’ shipments have to be, we make sure they that they are delivered on time and in excellent condition. We help businesses meet the demands of their retailers and end-customers.


We can combine orders from multiple sources into one single shipment. By doing so, we can help business owners save on delivery costs.

Light Assembly

Some of our clients request for their components to be combined into single units and placed in one package. We save the manufacturers from the trouble of having to do the product assembly themselves.

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